There are thousands of Realtors in Florida actively buying and selling properties for their clients. However, some Realtors stand apart from others by being great at their jobs, closing every deal with perfection, benefitting their clients, and I am one of those few that stand out.

I are never afraid to voice my opinions. I promote a property by focusing on its best aspects. I am not aggressive, but am passionate about what I do and work hard to put your interests ahead of my own.

I work equally well with sellers and buyers. I have a proven track record and dozens of happy clients, they do not hesitate to provide testimonials of our past work.

Local Knowledge

I have local knowledge about your desired area to live. I also have good working knowledge of other relevant communities and neighborhoods such as understanding the rules and regulations in those different areas and communities, as well as knowing the likely value of a property so that I can make you well informed during your home search process. I also research other locations that present good real estate opportunities.

I understand how important it is to have a clear understanding of neighborhoods and home values in all relevant areas over time so that your choice of home site is a good one.

Communication Skills

I good with people and know how to listen and communicate with you in your best interests. This helps me discuss all matters with you openly and honestly before I draft the contract. Now I negotiate if needed with the other side for you and convince both parties to close a successful deal.


Honesty and Integrity is top priority, I treat others as I expect to be treated myself. I have worked very hard since 2009 and have now become one of those Realtors who is known for being one of the best at my job and will not risk my reputation for anything.

Being dishonest, unethical and immoral can tarnish a career fast, and for good, and as you know, nobody likes to work with an Realtors who has a dubious reputation. Reputation matters, and that is why I have a good client-base who can provide glowing testimonies of recent successful deals so that you know I will be good for you too.


I have a hard working attitude that makes me stand apart from the rest of the flock. Selling and buying homes is not a one-day job and it takes a lot of time and effort to get both parties to agree terms before signing and executing a contract.

This is partly why I never give up and put all my effort into buying and selling properties. Since buying or selling a house or other property is an important decision. I like to get things done effectively and efficiently because I take my job seriously and look forward to the day I sit with you at closing and see the joy on your faces looking forward to moving in to make many happy memories for many years to come.

Familiarity with Rules and Regulations

I understands how rules and regulations apply to real estate in a particular region. I am familiar with all laws relating to a property so that they do not communicate inaccurate information to clients, or mislead in any other way.

I guide you through all the necessary paperwork and legal technicalities related to the sale. Since most homeowners are unaware of real estate laws when they buy or sell a house, they depend on Realtors to guide them through this complicated process. I stay educated with up to date information on the laws with regular mandated continuing education, and by my own choice continuing education so that I can guide you through them safely with no come backs on you.




I enjoy what I do for a living, I can't imagine doing any thing else since I chose this career in 2009. I have a passion to serve people, you, showing you the best properties within your budget. I have a huge respect for diversity so that people from all cultures and neighborhoods are accommodated, satisfied and happy. After all, America is made up of folks from all over the world, and because of that we are rich in culture, choices of cuisine, arts, languages, clothing and many, many more things.

I am never haggard, frustrated or bored with my job, I am enthusiastic about what I do, am presentable and take care of my appearance. I am in this business to help you accomplish beneficial property investments, the end result of achieving my tasks and sitting with you at closing and see the joy on your faces looking forward to moving into your home to make many happy memories for many years to come is my ultimate reward.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the qualities and skills that I possess. I keep myself up-to-date with all changes that are happening in the rules and regulations pertaining to real estate. I am persistent, passionate and aware of the dynamics of the real estate in my local community.

I keep abreast of relevant technological developments, such as online resources, websites, forums and apps, which have often helped me help past clients, continue to help me help current clients and continue to become better at serving your needs too. Mental alertness, good communication and the willingness to adopt to new technologies combined has contributed in helping me become a successful Realtor.

Because of my dedication to my career and my clients, I continue to strive to keep learning and keep abreast of things and help my clients in other ways too. I have written some books that I give out would like to share them with you here too. Click on the image of the book to be able to read it online, I also send out a physical magazine every two months and send an online magazine every month.


I have been Licensed in Real Estate since 2009, but have been practicing for myself as an investor since 2004.

I became licensed to represent others because of some bad experiences I had, friends and family also had with licensed Realtors both in new construction and resale. (Don't get me wrong, I had some good too). Because of the bad one, my thoughts were that if I, family and friends are having such a bad experience in numerous ways with a certain percentage of Realtors, then so are other people, and that's just not right, we go the these licensed professionals to guide us, inform us and protect us during our property buying experiences.


I felt like a calling to become licensed too, and be the professional that every client wants and needs.

I am so dedicated to my career and people, that after all these years I have amassed a great deal of knowledge, wisdom and experience that I wrote some books to help my clients. I give these books out to my clients and they love them, and now I am able to add them to my website as a digital version for anyone to read and it so that it may help them with advice, tips and answer many questions.

I also have a digital magazine on my website. Click on the image of the magazines to take you there.

                                                                                  Click on the image of the book to take you to my real estate books.






  • Short Sale & Foreclosure (SFR) Resource Certified

  • Real Estate Negotiation (RENE) Expert Certified

  • Understanding Mold in The Real Estate Industry Certified

  • Mortgage Loan Officer (Currently Training)

  • Veteran Approved

  • HUD Approved


  • National Association of Realtors

  • Florida Association of Realtors

  • Space Coast Association of Realtors

  • Member of The MLS

  • (FOP) Fraternal Order of Police

  • Member of MANY Numerous Marketing, Ongoing Education and Updates and Real Estate Groups

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